Welcome to my blog. My name is Matthew Evans hence the name Mevans (Original, I know, right?). Although I study Law at the University of Winchester, I aspire to be a videogame journalist. I’ve started this blog to improve my writing skills as well as build up a portfolio of work which will hopefully help me one day in the future. I also started this blog as I wanted to be able to interact with people on the internet and share with them what I’m most passionate about.

Although this website isn’t much now, and probably wont get a lot of traffic for a long time, I hope to eventually branch out and start incorporating all sorts of interesting articles.

Keep subscribed as I bring you a wave of content.

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I am not using this website as much now due to my activity as a writer over at http://wethegamerz.com
I may post links from some articles here to there and may upload some seperate articles here which aren’t relevant there. Mostly I will be inactive though.

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