E3: Travelling by Plane from UK to LA

June 6, 2011


As I sit here mid-flight typing away on my laptop between bouts of Watching Fringe and playing Final Fantasy 4 my excitement levels continue to rise despite my eyes slowly drooping. LA is currently 4 hours and 59 minutes away, the furthest I would have ever travelled from home and the first time I have been on a plane in about 5 years.
Firstly I’d like to congratulate New Zealand Airways for having the most ridiculous safety instruction video I have ever seen. Effectively it is a camp man dancing safety instructions, if the oxygen masks drop maybe it’s time to “take a breather”. Oh dear.

With me on my journey are the following lads; Aidan, my lucky plus 1 guest, Wayne, the Killzone Ultimate Recruit competition winner, and Michael the Playstation UK Community Manager. All of them seem great and I can tell the next few days will be an absolute blast.

The in-flight entertainment on the plane is something spectacular. Greeted by an 8” touch screen you are granted a wide range of on demand films, programs, songs and games to wade through. Every screen is linked in a system which allowed for some heated games of Tetris, poker and battleships between us. On top of this, there was also a version of Street Fighter 2, but unfortunately this wasn’t multiplayer. I took the liberty to finally watch Hall Pass, another great Owen Wilson film while the man sitting next to me watched back to back episodes of Glee for hours. Each to their own I suppose. The music collection was full of your standard pop hits such as Rihanna and Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately the closest thing they had to drum and bass was Chase and Status’ new album No More Idols, and everyone knows what a train wreck that is.

Airplane food as a reputation for being pretty shoddy and to be honest this wasn’t very different. The lamb curry was full of flavour but whether it was lamb was questionable. It came with a salad which was dried up coleslaw, disgusting. Then you have your tiny piece of baguette so small that they’re trying to compensate for my massive ego. Thoughtful, but not enough to satisfy my hunger. At least the ice cream was good. Until I dropped the spoon on the floor and due to tight chair restrictions it was lost to the dark depths of below the chair in front of me.
Being the hardcore type of guy I am, I’m going to push through tiredness and equally await landing and treating myself to a banquet of American food. Burgers it is then. A relaxing pint after we land seems like a delightful idea as well. Oh wait…



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