Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3

March 15, 2011


With the abundance of fighting games recently, including Super Street Fighter 4, Blazblue Continuum Shift and the soon to be released Mortal Kombat 9, there is a wide selection of games to choose from if you want something new to brawl in. Can I recommend Marvel vs Capcom 3 to you?

The game being the third in the series has for the first time jumped in to high definition and 2.5D giving the game a fresh graphical overhaul although possibly upsetting the very hardcore fans. The fighting game, as stated by the title, lets you choose from a roster of 36 characters from Marvel and Capcom universes. These include well known characters such as Ryu (from Street Fighter) and Wolverine (from X-Men) and some not as well known such as Amaterasu (from Okami) and Deadpool (from… well… Deadpool).

Unlike most fighting games which put you 1 on 1, MvC3 lets you select a team of 3 characters from the 36. From here you can swap between your characters at any time during the battle. The first team to defeat all three characters from the other team wins. The fighting system appears to borrow elements from other fighting games in the terms of button inputs. For example as Ryu doing a 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock motion on the analogue stick and then pressing an attack button will launch his signature “Hadouken” projectile.

The attack buttons are split in to 4 types: Light attack, medium attack, heavy attack and special attack (which launches enemies in to the air so you can juggle them). A weaker type of attack can be chained in to a stronger attack in that order giving an easy ability to chain together combos. This can be repeated while the enemy is in the air for some devastating damage. While fighting you build up a hyper bar, this can be used to unleash “hyper moves”, special attacks which heavily injure the opponent. Spiderman traps enemies in a web and then beats them up. Cool.

If all of this is too complicated for you then there is the “simple” control scheme which maps different character’s greatest moves on to the attack buttons making it easy to look flashy while playing. Compared to most other fighting games I would say this one is very easy to pick up for a beginner, if not too easy, sometimes allowing people with button-mashing skill to out play someone with well thought out strategy. Hardcore players will win regardless though.

One issue I have with the roster is that some characters are clearly better than others. This happens a lot of the time with fighting games and makes playing online, which I’ll get to in a minute, frustrating. You will always find people playing as the same characters, which is a shame when the game is open to such a range of variety.

The arcade mode of this game is nothing special and see’s you fighting a string of fights against random opponents. The final stage is cool so I won’t spoil it here for you. If you’re planning on buying a game for its story then throw your money elsewhere. The small comic style scenes at the very end seem like a very small payoff for fighting throw the arcade mode at least 36 times to earn them all.

There’s a training mode which allows you to practice with different characters to learn special moves and combos. As well as this there is a challenge mode which gives you certain combos to fulfil, which you then have to learn and pull off. At first I believed this was good but the difficulty suddenly grew and I could only complete about 5/10 challenges for each character. So not very helpful for training a beginner, which I would have assumed it was there for.

The online in this game in general runs smoothly. Sometimes it can take a little while to find a match but after that it is plain sailing. Apart from the stupid people who always pick the same characters. You’re better off playing with someone next to you.

As a whole I feel that MvC3 is a fantastic and fun fighting game but doesn’t feel like a complete package with space to expand on in so many areas. If you’re looking for a new fighting game then I would definitely recommend it but if you want something with more value for money you may be wise to invest in a game such as Blazblue Continuum Shift.




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2 Comments on “Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3”

  1. Nick/Shen Says:

    Shout outs to BlazBlue! Also, have you done Deadpool’s hyper combo? Beats them up with the health bar, funny shiz. Also: fuck Sentinel.
    One gripe with your review; challenges aren’t there just for beginners. They give newbies a learning curve into the game, sure. But it also shows what they can achieve if they work for it. Lower level ones are good for newbies, higher ones provide a challenge. That’s only a positive point.


  2. mevansgaming Says:

    In an essence I agree but I wouldn’t consider myself a newbie by any means and I could only complete half of the challenges, in comparison to say SSF4 where I could complete a good 17/20 challenges for most characters, with severe perseverance of course. If anything it would have been nice to just put in more challenges for each character.


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