News: Motorstorm Apocalypse DLC brings back the missing game mode creator! + More!

March 12, 2011


That’s right folks! There was planned to be a game mode creator on disc for Motorstorm Apocalypse which would allow you to create any game type you want and then play it. You would be able to upload it to the internet and have other people play it and then a community would arise out of it. The best user created game modes would then be spotlighted for everyone else to see and try. It’s a fantastic idea but unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

This isn’t exactly true though. It turns out that the motorstorm developers were not happy with the stage that the creation tools were in and did not want to release something which wasn’t perfect. From what I’ve heard when speaking to the Motorstorm developers they have some amazing things coming our way when they finally drop this at DLC in the future. They also stated that they have other DLC ideas and when finally all the DLC has been released that the game will effectively doubled in size.

This links back to news last month stating that they’re planning on releasing at least one new track in DLC and that this would be free as they do not want to segregate the community online. Hopefully this means that the game mode creator will also be free.

Evolution Studios are going to E3 this year but when I asked them if this was to show off a new game they refused to comment. Damn.




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