Preview: Motorstorm Apocalypse

March 8, 2011


Platform: PS3

Motorstorm was originally a PS3 launch title back in 2007 which put you in the middle of a deadly racing festival in Monument Valley, a massive… valley. When released this game held the Guinness World Record for the most types of vehicles in one game, giving you access from motorbikes to mudpluggers. After this Motorstorm saw 2 sequels, Pacific Rift in 2008, set on a tropical island full of jungles and lava (lots of lava), and Arctic Edge in 2009 (for the PSP), set amongst icy tundras.

This new Motorstorm, having exhausted pretty much every exotic location imaginable has decided to take a Modern Warfare twist to the game and is set in San Fransisco, during an apocalypse nonetheless. As you race about in this game you will have to avoid falling buildings, tornadoes, the floor collapsing from earthquakes, among other natural disasters which shape the race course as you play. On top of this crazy military who haven’t evacuated San Francisco will be in your way trying to bomb you and shut down the current Motorstorm Festival.

The level I was able to have a look at in my preview was “Skyline”. This took place across a range of highrise building rooftops. As I raced through the map the classic Motorstorm action was still apparent. There are multiple routes for each player to take within the map, some going through penthouse suites of buildings, others on balconies, the rest on the roofs themselves. There are many opportunities to go falling off the map (I think I must have found them all) so there is a strong balance of risk to reward when choosing which path to take.

Things get interesting in the final lap of the race when “Incidents” start happening. These can be toggled on and off before the start of the race, but where’s the fun in having them turned off? In Skyline this caused buildings to crumble, this blocked off some routes and created some others. At one point I was driving on the side of a skyscraper which had collapsed and fallen over. Pretty cool.

There are 5 new vehicles in this game making a total count of 13 different vehicles in this game. Out of the new vehicles I tried the superbike and supercar. The superbike was horrible to handle, something which a lot of vehicles from the past games had problems with. On the other hand the supercar was nice to control and will probably be a popular vehicle choice in the future.

While previewing this game I also got the chance to play it in 3D. I take back any negative criticism about 3D that I may have spewed before. This is mind blowing. The 3D really makes your car stand out from the racetrack and makes judging distance a whole heap easier. I was very impressed. If anyone actually can afford a 3D TV, which I doubt as no one has a money growing tree in their garden, then 3D will really make this game that more awesome.

From what I’ve seen of this game it is shaping up to be the greatest Motorstorm title to date, expect to see it on store shelves 18/03/2011




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2 Comments on “Preview: Motorstorm Apocalypse”

  1. Nick/Shen Says:

    Yo Mevans, aside from the opening line (that comma to snark is VERY untidy. It COULD pass, but I’d rec. a colon, fresh sentence or bracket), this is generally grammatically acceptable. Would suggest a fresh sentence for the last line though.
    Actual criticism: You should put a picture/banner of some sort of the subject matter at the top. Like you could be the Motorstorm title card up there. Just to freshen up the place. To be honest, leaving it barren gives it a classy look too.
    How about something about your past Motorstorm experience and thoughts too?


    • mevansgaming Says:

      I’ll bear the header thing in mind. Being that I am using a non-customised theme and can’t afford the charge to upgrade to a customisable theme, customisability is hard 😛 I should be able to photoshop a picture to use as a header and post it before the rest of my article though.
      I’ll discuss my past Motorstorm experiences when I actually review the game 🙂


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