Micro Review: Stacking

February 27, 2011


You play as Charlie, a little russian stacking doll (you know the ones which hide inside each other) after the rest of his family have been kidnapped and forced in to a life of child labour. Set in a vibrant, steampunk, victorian world, you make your way across multiple levels trying to solve puzzles and proceed through the game. The key gameplay feature here is the ability to jump inside over dolls. If you find a doll which is exactly one size bigger than you then you can jump inside it and control it, you also gain any ability that it might have. Some of these abilities are helpful, such as becoming a bird and flying to its hard to reach nest, others are just for fun such as happy slapping.
Stacking dolls come in different shapes and sizes, so if you wish to become large enough to fit in to a bigger doll you have to first jump in to smaller dolls to grow in size. At times you’ll find yourself jumping in and out of a variety of dolls to find a combination of helpful dolls to stack together.

Puzzles in this game work completely around this concept. One such example is when you have to wreck a museum exhibit. One such solution is to stack in to the Mummy they have in the exhibit and scare away all of the customers viewing the exhibits. Another way to win is to take over the pied piper, lure rats you find around the level to the museum and then unleash them upon the Sphinx which is made of cheese. Every puzzle has multiple solutions so finding one way to solve it can be easy, but finding them all can be tricky, thankfully there is a hint system to guide you on your way if you get stuck.
Stacking is a delightful, if not short title, which is brimming with content for people who are willing to solve all the puzzles in every way and find and control all the dolls in the game. If you just want to play through the game once and that’s it then you may be a little bit dissapointed about its length. A charming game with a delightful protaganist makes sure that the journey will be exciting from start to finish.





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