Hands On: Nintendo 3DS Part 2

February 6, 2011


If you haven’t read Part 1 then click here

Room 6

After somehow managing to get myself infront of everyone else and to be the first person to enter this room I was greeted first. About 20 girls, yep Nintendo only hires girls, each approached a different person and took them to a console. My girl took me to “Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D” As I followed her I noticed the flashing neon lights, techno music and utter darkness. Reminded me of playing laser tag/Quasar. Bizarre.

Arriving at the 3DS I first noticed the crazy 3D effect that it gave off. My mind was blown. I know that other press reporters for bigger companies have stressed that you cannot understand how amazing it is without seeing it, and boy are they right. The best way to describe it is that it has the same effect has the real 3D that you get in cinemas. The difference here that instead of things appearing that they stick out of the console, that everything is layered on the screen. The screen more appears as a box which goes in to the distance rather than flat.

I unfortunately was not allowed to take any photos of game footage but I did get a photo in this room of a console.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

This demo allowed you to pick from four characters and one of two survival levels. I picked Chris Redfield as his main weapon was a shotgun, the greatest zombie-beheading beast known to the genre. When I was thrown in to the level I was given a score counter and a time limit of 2 minutes. Starting off with the handgun equipped, the 3D effect really caught my eye. The laser targetting from it really seemed to fade in to the distance. The usual Resident Evil gamplay took place here with the move, stop, aim, shoot, move mechanics which have been in the series from the start. The inventory screen was set to the touchpad and allowed you to quickly swap weapons and items on the go. There was nothing really noticeable in this demo and it seemed very similar to other “Mercenaries” game modes which have appeared in other previous games. I did enjoy playing it though and wouldn’t mind giving the full game a go when it releases.

Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition

Talk about a mouthful of a title. Being a keen Street Fighter fan and actually owning 2 copies of Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3 and Xbox360) I felt quickly at home with this title. New to it was a new angle of play which can be turned on. Basically this tilts the camera slightly so instead of looking at the fight straight, you see it at a slight angle. Its pretty but makes it slightly harder to play. Although, the 3D was the strongest here, and had the greatest effect out of all the games I played, really emphasizing the character models and making them pop-out from the rest of the arena. Another new feature is the assigned moves to the touchpad. 4 boxes are displayed with moves on them, in this case: Hadoken, Hurricane Kick, Super Combo, Ultra Combo. The first 2 could be touched and then used at any time, the other 2 could only be used when their respective bars had filled up. This is really only for beginners to the series who have trouble inputting the correct inputs. In the retail version of the game you will be able to customize which 4 moves you have set on the touchpad.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The last game I got hold of in this room, and boy was I glad to get a chance to play it. The demo gave the choice of one of 3 things: Start of the game, Inside The Deku Tree or Queen Gohma Boss Battle. I chose to play Inside The Deku Tree so I could have a go on a nice mix of combat and platforming, puzzle solving. Being that I hadn’t played this game in a while I couldn’t remember exactly everything I needed to do so it felt like playing the game all over again. The first things that caught my eye were the graphics and the inventory system. The graphics have been upscaled. Although they aren’t the same quality as the other 3DS games, which now match if not exceed the graphics of Wii games, it was a vast improvement from the N64 version. The next is how the inventory system and map are now all displayed on the touch screen, meaning for quicker item changing. Also there is now one more item slot and the ability to look in first person without getting out a weapon such as the slingshot.

In this demo, to speed things up, you already start with the slingshot. Once selected you can either move it with the thumbstick or by moving the 3DS within space. If you turn your body, Link will do the same to match, a nifty gimmick. Everything else in the demo was the same good-old gameplay you can expect from Ocarina of Time. Truly a game I’m excited to play when it is released. I just hope that it comes bundled with The Master Quest. Before I could finish the demo I was ushered in to the final room.

Check back tomorrow for the final part of my Nintendo 3DS Experience.




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