Hands On: Nintendo 3DS Part 1

February 5, 2011


Blimey, got to trek to London to try out this lovely new gaming device today. What I expected was to be walk in to a large, bland room full of Nintendo 3DSs and attempt to push through crowds of other lucky people to test out these bad boys. Well Nintendo did a bit more than just that. The “Nintendo 3DS Experience” was split in to 7 rooms which you had to make your way through. I was intrigued, although annoyed that I couldn’t just jump on a machine.


Room 1

Here a chatty employee from Nintendo explained the new Streetpass feature that can be found. Once turned on, your 3DS will automatically connect to any other 3DS which you happen to be withing a radius of. Then your Mii, and the person you pass’ Mii will duke it out. When you next turn your console on you’ll be able to see if you won, and then spend experience points to level up your Mii. Although this sounds like a rather creative idea I don’t like the way the console is playing on its own. Surely you buy the 3DS to play it, not so it can play while you don’t…

On the floor of this room was a projected screen which put squares around your feet as you stepped on it. These squares then joined up with all of the other squares via lines to create a complex web of lines and squares. This was a metaphor of how they expect the new Streetpass feature to work. It was nifty, but we soon pressed on.


Room 2

When I first entered this room my eyes lit up. The room had been highly decorated in to a Japanese dojo. Was extremely well constructed. Just as I reached in to my coat pocket to bring out my camera to capture it, two men walk in to the centre. One dressed as Ryu and the other as Ken from Street Fighter, to promote the 3DS having a special 3D version of Super Street Fighter 4. The two fighters proceeded to duke it out in a snazzy coreographed fight which i failed to photograph well but did get a few good shots. Just as they were about to Hadoken each other “Time Up” was announced by the in-game commentator and we were ushered in to the next room.

Room 3

The smallest room so far. All of us huddles in to this plain box of a room, chatting to each other wondering what was going on. Suddenly out of a curtained doorway in front burst out a man and woman, both dressed in military attire. They introduce themselves as Chris and Claire Redfield. Ah, I thought, now they’re advertising the new “Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D”. I was put in to a straight line with 9 other perople, all put our hands on the person in front of us’ shoulders and were told to not let go. They explain how the T-Virus has broken out and ahead we will find zombies. Us 10 exit through the curtain in front of us.

Room 4

A very dark room, the only light source was coming from the leader’s torch and the ambient glow set up for atmospheric effect. A zombie was stuck in a shed with his arm hanging out grasping for us. A few other zombies loom in the distance, although fairly close, the darkness gives the effect that they’re not. This room was very much just for atmospheric advertising and it worked, because of it I later tried out the new Resident Evil game (more about that later). A zombie with a chainsaw, an iconic weapon to all zombie games, attacks Chris. Chris shouts for us to run to the exit as he holds him off. All very fun, but still no gameplay!

Room 5

Finally a chance to see SOMETHING. Anything at this point would make me happy. In this room was a giant podium with a TV displaying trailers from a wide variety of upcoming games. All sorts of stuff appeared, which I won’t bother to explain right now, then on the screen popped up Jonothan Ross’ face. A smirk appeared on my face as I remembered how much of a geek he actually is, his wife plays World of Warcraft. He then exclaims how amazing this new console is and how it is impossible to properly grasp the awesomeness of the 3D without experiencing it for ourselves. Then the door in front of us opens to a hall full of them. Finally. Excitement had built up from all the things prior and now I could finally have a go.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 as I go in to detail about a few of the games I played in room 6. One hint, Ocarina Of Time. For other pictures I took of the Street Fighter fight see the galary below.





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