Modern Warfare 2 vs Black-Ops

February 2, 2011


Modern Warfare 2 made by Infinity Ward and Black Ops made by Treyarch are both members in the call of duty series which have come out within the last two years. But which is better? let’s put them to the test.


Modern Wafare 2 follows the events of Modern Warfare. Soap had just killed Zakhaev and hopfully the Russian Ultrationalists would stop attacking (yes, I know, all modern day bad guys are russian). Modern Warfare 2 also has Russians attacking. A man named Makarov, who served under Zakhaev, has now taken over. Some new characters join, some old characters reunite and then they attempt to stop the Russians. The story here has some amazing set pieces, such as the EMP hitting Washington, and then battling through the Oval Office but the story as a whole is forgettable. I can’t remember any details because none stuck out. There were also lots of unanswered plot holes.

Black Ops puts you mainly in to the shoes of Alex Mason. You start off being strapped in to a chair in an interrogation chamber and are being asked about what a sequence of numbers mean. In trying to remember, you woek your way through a sequence of memories throughout your life as a CIA Black Ops operative. From the killing of Castro to fighting in the Viatcong. Some memorable moments in this game, and the scattered memory means that the plot doesn’t need to be sequential. Because of this, the plot becomes complex and hard to follow. When the game end I didn’t feel satisfied I knew what had even happened, and had no desire to replay.

Modern Warfare 1 – 0 Black Ops


Modern Warfare 2 utilizes some nice graphics, if not slightly outdated, and has some great moments. The detonation of the EMP and floating in space looked phenomenal. Chracter models can still appear underdetailed and stiff though.

Black Ops being made a year after Modern Warfare 2 should be better looking, right? Well there doesn’t appear to be much graphical enhancement but it does have a few highlights. The rocket launch and explosion look good, so does the zooming transition between controlling a squad of foot soldiers and piloting a Blackbird. Black Ops has an overall slightly higher level of polish.

Modern Warfare 1 – 1 Black Ops


Modern Warfare 2 sets a groundmark when it comes to multiplayer. One of, if not the most, played online games of all time. People got to enjoy modelling their own class, creating new killstreaks (including the chance to achieve the infamous “Nuke” at a 25 kill streak), levelling up and getting awarded new unlocks. Maps are plentiful and diverse from the snowy sniperfest which is Derail, to the close-courter encounters found in Rust.

Black Ops has a lot of the exact same as above. Just with other weapons more suitable to the game’s time period. There isn’t much new though apart from the maps, which all play really solidly and are all fun to fight on. The one thing it did do right was to remove the dreaded “noob tube” and stopping power perk. These both lead to unbalanced games in Modern Warfare 2 and I’m glad to see them go.

Modern Warfare 1 – 2 Black Ops

Spec Ops v Zombies

Modern Warfare, aside from the main campaign has a mode called “spec-ops”. Here you take control of special operatives thrown in to certain circumstances and then fight to achieve the best possible score and complete each challenge. There are a variety of challenges and can be done co-operatively with another person, from snowmobiling through checkpoints in a race, to fighting your way up a suspension bridge destroying every car in sight. Striving to finish every mission was great fun, if not too difficult at times.

Black Ops returns to World at War’s zombie mode and gives you 2 maps to duke it out. As you fight off hordes of zombies for as long as possible you have to worry about rebuilding barricades, purchasing new weapons, and opening up new areas. Special things can happen once power is restored and in one of the maps you can enter a teleporting time machine. Sweet. My issue with zombies though is that there is no real sense of completion, no end of level to reach. Only fight until you die.

Modern Warfare 2 – 2 Black Ops

Well, it’s a tie. Damn.


My personal preference is Modern Warfare 2 although I acknowledge Black Ops to be an equally good game. The only reason I no longer own Black Ops is because I sold it for good money and I currently have better games to such as Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood and Dead Space 2. For anyone who is a fan of first person shooters though, then I’d be amazed if you don’t already own these games.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments below and I look forward to reading them.





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