Hands On: Bulletstorm

January 28, 2011


Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: 22nd February 2011


Bulletstorm is a new game by Epic, best known for their Gears of War series, and People Can Fly, best known for their Painkiller series, which has tried to reinvent for the FPS to make it fun again. In the demo, which you can now grab on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store, you play as Grayson Hunt, a heavily armored Space Pirate. You’ve crash landed on Stygia and need to get off, killing everything that gets in your way.

This game plays similar to other first person shooters but gives you a few moves unseen in other games. Holding  A will allow you to sprint, and sprinting in to enemies slide tackles them. B gives a big melee kick, useful for moving debris or stunning an enemy.Tapping LB lassoos enemies and pulls them towards you while also displacing time causing them to float around in the air, easy pickings. If you hold LB then you launch all nearby enemies up in to the air like pinatas. Every weapon in the demo has a secondary fire so there’s plenty of variety where firepower is involved.

This game persuades you to “kill with skill”. You get points from every type of kill you do in the game, and then at the end of each level the points are tallyed and put on to a leaderboard. The more impressive your kill, the greater you score. You can start off with simple things such as 10 points for a kill, 25 for a headshot. You can get creative though and kick an enemy in to a spiked wall for the “voodoo” kill rewarding 250 points. Launching an enemy in to the air with your whip then shooting a certain bullet at them sends them flying in to the air and exploding, awarding you with “Firework”. At one point in the demo you can hack in to a control panel to unleash a massive metal block to ram through a heap of enemies awarding you with the “tenderizer” kill, hilariouslly gorey. My favourite in the demo is firing a sticky grenade on to an enemy then detonating it when other enemies surround him, giving you the satisfying “gang bang” kill. It’s clear the developers have spent a long time developing this game to be fun and allow you to run at enemies, and not hide from them behind cover like we are so used to.

Look forward to this game when it hits the stores soon.




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3 Comments on “Hands On: Bulletstorm”

  1. Asskicker Says:

    It’s actually a game by “People Can Fly” (help from Epic), the creaters of the awesome Painkiller.

    Looks like an awesome game though, I’ll be getting “the demo” when it comes out on pc and see if I like it!


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