Review: Prinny 2

January 24, 2011


Platform: PSP

It is very unlikely you have heard of this hidden gem but by no means should you ignore it. Released, this month “Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood” is set after the events of the first game and is a spin-off to the videogame series “Disgaea”. After you saved the Netherworld from the evil Sir Sweet and his aim to make the ultimate dessert, the Phantom Theif has stolen Master Etna’s underwear. You’re sent to retrieve them or risk having your salary permanently taken away from you. The story for this game is kooky and unnecessary but is fun as it guides you through the game’s levels.

You play as a squad of Prinnys, a penguin with peg legs who contains the soul of a hardened human criminal, sentenced to being a prinny for the rest of their afterlife. You carry two swords which can emit lasers and can ground stomp. Stomping can stun enemies and hit checkpoints, which can be finished off with normal attacks. On top of this you have the ability to spin and dash, giving you a moment of invincibility and oh boy will you need the invincibility.You have to make your way from the left of a stage to the right and ground stomp the finishing checkpoint to clear the stage. In your way you will finding increasingly challenging platforming sections and enemies which will kill you, a lot.

Because you will die so many times the game gives you 1000 lives to complete the game. Sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. On my first playthrough I completed the game on normal difficulty with just over 100 lives left. Thankfully Prinny 2 now see’s the inclusion of a ‘baby’ mode which allows you to take 3 hits before dying (as opposed to the normal 2) and makes new platforms appear in the level to make it a bit easier to traverse. And if you honestly think you can handle it then the ‘Hell’s Finest’ difficulty returns which see’s you dying on contact with anything.

New to this game is the ability to activate break mode. After killing enough enemies and collecting enough sweets throughout a level you’ll fill up a break bar. When this happens your attack strength significantly increases and you have access to new abilities to dish out some more damage. A nice addition as it allows you to add it in to stratedgies which trying to fight a boss or clear an area of hard enemies.

The graphics in the game are very pretty sprite graphics while mixing some 3D elements, such as a battleship flying in the background shooting cannonballs in to the foreground. Although full of detail it saddens me to see that a lot of sprites have been re-used from the original game and other games by the same developer. All the new stuff is brimming with colour though and looks very good on the PSP.

The game starts you off with the ability to choose from six levels. Every time you do a level time in the game passes and soon it becomes night time, where levels change and become much more difficult. Also depending on the time of the day is what boss you will fight. So as a whole the game can be played 6 times over and be different everytime, plenty of space for replayability. On top of this there are collectibles to find throughout the game, some unlocking new music and secret stages, others unlocking a completely alternate storyline which has a completely different control mechanism. Effectively a full game within the game. I won’t give anymore away.

As a whole this game is choc-a-bloc full of content if you have the ability to play it without breaking down and crying. The final boss took me nearly 400 lives to beat! Sometimes you’ll find yourself mashing the attack button so fast you’ll wonder why you haven’t developed carpal tunnel syndrome. This game is a great laugh and worth picking up if you’re a fan of difficult old games such as contra, despite being a little bit japanese-y for some people’s taste.

A fun challenege, when not infuriating, dood.  7/10




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