Feature: Cross Console Gaming and Exclusives

January 18, 2011


A world where we have one console would be heavenly. No more having to decide whether to pick up the latest COD on PS3 or Xbox 360.  There is a chance that the future could be sooner than what we think.

Valve just announced that if you buy Portal 2 on the PS3 you get a downloadable copy on the PC for free. Also you can link your game with your steam account and keep your save files on their servers incase something goes horribly wrong with your console (eg tripping on your cat and spilling coffee all over it).

The idea of having games consoles connected like this is, in a word, genius. The ability for me to play it in better graphics on the PS3 then jump to the PC to play on custom created levels, all with only purchasing the game once. It hasn’t been made certain if save files can be transferred between one game and the other, or whether you can unlock achievements in one game and transfer them to another. It would be awesome if in the future you could digitally download games across all games in the same manner and not just special cases such as this.

Another thing which only a few games have previously tried, and to little success, is the idea of cross system multiplayer. The first standout game is Shadowrun. This pitted players on PCs and Xbox 360 to fight out in a crazy FPS arena with psychic powers or something. I never really played it. I just know it wasn’t amazingly recieved by the press. A more recent example of  a game which did something similar is FFXIV, an MMORPG. Although technically the game isn’t cross compatible, it is on both the PC and PS3. Shame it was an awful game. DC Universe Online on the other hand is also on both of these systems and IS cross compatible. Hopefully this will pave the way for future games such as having mainstream games, such as COD, cross compatible. But I doubt it.

-At least FFXIV looked pretty-

My final thing I wanna discuss is the idiocy of exclusive downloadable content. There is little benefit in having these things. Normally Microsoft buy exclusives for a period of time, COD being a great example of this, and then have dlc for the Xbox 1 month in advance of PS3. Most people will buy the game based on what console their friends have it on and what consoles they own. Another thing is how Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood had an exclusive mission pack to download. That’s it, Xbox is never getting it. Seems petty if you ask me.

They should just do away with it all and have one supergamesconsole. The Playtendo360. Or not.





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4 Comments on “Feature: Cross Console Gaming and Exclusives”

  1. CaptOutrageous Says:

    Valve are the best. Every other company can learn much from their shining example.


  2. Asskicker Says:

    “The ability for me to play it in better graphics on the PS3”

    What? 😐


  3. Asskicker Says:

    Meh, double Post.

    “Hopefully this will pave the way for future games such as having mainstream games, such as COD, cross compatible. But I doubt it.”

    I’m sure they could do it, but console players would get raped that badly, they’d just quit the game. (Cross Platform from 360 to PS3 would work I guess, but I don’t think Microsoft will ever allow that.)


  4. mevansgaming Says:

    About your first comment. My PC sucks and my PS3 is more powerful.
    About your second comment, Microsoft suck.


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