Micro Review: Killzone 2

January 15, 2011



Are good graphics in videogames important? The short answer is no. The longer answer involves an agonising playthrough of Killzone 2. Before I start throwing hate towards this let me just say how much I love the multiplayer of this game. Its mishmash of game modes made fighting feel much more fluid than most other shooters despite the sluggish movement. Fleeing for cover was never a reasonable option when you move like a snail in a tar pit.

Killzone 2 had to strive for some of the greatest graphics seen in a videogame due to the infamous E3 2007 trailer which claimed that it was showing in-game graphics when really they were pre-rendered. Suprisingly the final product ended up blowing the trailer out of the water with beautiful detail and a delightful array of colours (although still too much grey for my liking). I stared at the screen in awe when the nuke set off towards the end of the game and ash rained down. Astounding.

This is where the problem arises though. Despite the top notch graphics, the single player didn’t have muchgoing for it. The story was forgettable, the characters were bland and unimaginative, and I didn’t really enjoying playing it. Endless waves of repetitive enemies isn’t exactly my idea of fun. But I continued anyway. Why? I was compelled by the beauty I saw as I kept playing. Highdefinition head shots are something to marvel at.

So, does a game need good graphics? Only if it can’t do much else right.



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2 Comments on “Micro Review: Killzone 2”

  1. Asskicker Says:

    “Endless waves of repetitive enemies isn’t exactly my idea of fun.” – Says the CoD whore. 😛

    I never played Killzone 2 (I don’t own a PS3, why would anyone?) but I did play Killzone and that game had a really good story, was beautiful for it’s time and well… It was generally AWESOME!

    Does the story continue from the first one and is it really that bad? Would kinda suck. 😦


    • mevansgaming Says:

      It’s a new story from the first one, although Rico is in this one. I wasn’t a fan of the first game to be honest, I would say this one is better. Don’t get me wrong it did have some good set pieces but a lot of the game felt tedious and the same.

      And I don’t play COD for the story. Singleplayer always sucks.


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